Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

   Compressor FAQ:
What is a compressor, and how do you use it?
Is a compressor necessary?
What's the difference between a compressor and a limiter?
Finding good settings on a compressor
What are Dynamics?
Should EQ go before or after a compressor?
Where do you put a compressor in your chain of effects?
"I tried a compressor and it killed my tone and dynamics."
What to do if compression muddies/muffles your tone
How compressors add sustain
How do you get a punchy sound?
   (And what does "punchy" mean anyway?)
Why are compressors so noisy?
   Aren't they supposed to help with noise?
Dual-band, multi-band compression
   ...(what does it mean?)
Parallel, blended compression
What is an expander or gate?
All about tube (valve) compressors
Different types of comp like VCA, optical, OTA, FET
What is a sidechain, how do you use it?
My compressor reviews

   Preamp, EQ, audio gear FAQ:
How to use the effects loop of your amp
   (also "pedals vs. rackmount")
How to choose and set up new rack gear
dbx: an explanation of their model numbers
Do different cables have better highs, mids, lows?
How do you pick a good instrument cable?
   (What about those expensive ones?)
What does "transparent" or "warm" mean?
What is a preamp, what does it do?
   ("Can this preamp drive a power amp?")
Choosing a Power Amp
Buffers, boosters, pedal chains, long cables, & tone
What exactly is "Line Level"?
Parametric, graphic, & other EQ types explained
Can I use an EQ to get more lows or clarity from my amp?
Active vs. Passive
Clipping, Distortion, and Square Waves
Effects blending, parallel loops, phase inversion
Pedalboard patch cables harming your tone?
What is an envelope filter or an auto-wah?
Guitar pedals vs. bass pedals
Effect pedal not responding like it should?
Power Conditioners
What is Headroom?
Pedalboard noise, and picking the right power supply

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