Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

BBE Orange Squash: This is BBE's clone of the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer. They originally named it the "Main Squeeze", but Digitech owns that name, so BBE had to change it. I had high hopes for this one since they did such a great bang-per-buck job with the Opto Stomp, but unfortunately they didn't do as well with this one. It has a little less brightness or clarity than the various boutique-made versions, and less "funkiness" in the action as well. So even though it works fine, it doesn't really meet up with what you'd generally expect from an Orange Squeezer. The circuit has about three times as many components as a normal one of these designs, for what reason I do not know.
The BBE is not bad, but there are better OS options out there for around the same price. It does have very solid construction and a "true bypass" footswitch. Also, it is about as good with bass frequencies as an OS can be, so it doesn't need modding.

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