Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

DOD FX82: This is the "bass" version of the FX80-B. Both are just DOD's re-use of the Dynacomp type of circuit.
The action is smooth and punchy, and the highs and lows are decent enough. For a few years this model was made with an Attack knob, and then later they removed that and gave it a Release knob instead. Attack is a more useful control in my opinion. This pedal seems to amplify background hiss in a more unpleasant way than other compressors. With a passive bass it wasn't so noticeable, but with an active bass the background noise was shrill and annoying.
The housing is rugged. It runs on standard Boss-type 9V DC. The footswitch is not "true bypass", it's a flimsy and unreliable type of switch, and the bypassed tone is actually quite poor. So I guess if you only use passive instruments, and if you leave the comp switched on all the time, this could be a pretty decent-sounding pedal. But honestly, you should choose something else.

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