Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Red Witch Grace: This pedal is very small, and it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Aside from that, it is in the OTA Ross/Dynacomp family like most other guitar comps.
The response/action, and the range of control from the Comp knob, are very similar to most other two-knob OTA pedals. It has a fast attack, a relatively high ratio, and long swell of sustain. There is an internal trim pot which can adjust the intensity of the effect further; however this trim pot is extremely tiny, and nearly impossible to set in the same position twice, so I do not recommend monkeying with it unless you have a lot of time on your hands.
It actually doesn't cut or boost any of the lows or highs, although the strong compression effect tends to make the lows sound more restrained (because they are), and the highs sound more prominent by comparison. It's not "ruler flat" in its frequency response, but it gets closer than many of its competing cousins, even among the boutique ones. The tone is clean and nice.
The noise floor, unfortunately, is slightly higher than average. It's not bad, but it is noticeable. The noise doesn't seem to be affected by how the pedal is powered.
I haven't fully tested the limits of the rechargeable battery, but Red Witch claims it will run for 120 hours per charge. The battery is attached with a flexible cable that plugs onto the circuitboard, so if it ever goes bad you can order a new battery assembly from Red Witch and easily swap it out. It is not something standard that you would find pre-assembled at any store. Some people have said they are concerned about relying on this rechargeable system; it has a jack for any standard power supply too, so all you need to do is carry a spare wall wart if you feel unsure about the battery.
It has two LED's, a red one to indicate effect on/off, and a green one to indicate whether the battery is fully charged. The housing is very small and cute; not quite as small as the Hammond 1590A micro size, but significantly smaller than a standard MXR box. The construction quality is pretty decent, though not super robust, and it takes standard Boss-type 9V DC. The footswitch is "true bypass".

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