Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

MXR 136 Dual Limiter: I picked up this rack-mount unit because I had heard that certain record producers liked its raunchy tone, and I enjoy compression as an audible effect. Well, the tone IS raunchy, too much so for it to be usable 95% of the time. This is a great unit to have tucked away in your studio for its unique gritty sound, but most bass players would hate it. Most notably, the note decay is choppy and un-natural. There is added noise and weird changes to the envelope. Think of it as an "instant lo-fi" grunge effect, not a normal compressor. It's quite possible this one I'm testing is simply old and out of spec; but I wouldn't gamble on any other one you might find, on Ebay or wherever, to be in any better working condition.
This is one of my older very short reviews, but I really don't plan to buy another one of this model to update the review--sorry about that.

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