Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Tone Factor Pulp Mill: This is an Orange Squeezer clone. Only a small number were ever made, so I wouldn't bother trying to seek this one out. I wrote this little review while they were still in production, in 2007. But I'll leave it here just in case you happen to see one for sale.
The Pulp Mill takes a different approach than most other OS clones, as its "comp" knob is not a bias control, but rather a wet/dry blend. So unless you open up the housing and fiddle around with the trimpots in there, it will be at a bias setting which is on the smoother side rather than the funkier side.
It has relatively low noise. Blending your clean signal in allows it to have slightly better low end than a typical OS, but it will still benefit from some circuit modification for bass use. The tone is slightly darker than average.
All in all this one seems designed so you can add just a bit of the OS flavor to your signal, rather than being a "squash box" like some others. But it works well and sounds nice, if a bit subtle for my tastes. It has the usual modern touches like "true bypass" footswitch and nice components, but the paint job on the box is a little sloppy.

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