Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Toadworks Mr. Squishy: This is a variation on the Orange Squeezer circuit, and you can definitely hear the typical "dip and swell" of the OS. However this one gives you a little more range of control than many of its cousins, allowing much less "noticeable" compression if you want. It does not add any coloration to your tone, and does not roll off the highs. The low end is better than an average OS, certainly good enough for a 4-string bass; however setting the Input/Gain knob to maximum cuts the lows.
The noise level is about average; not the worst, but not great either. Unlike most other comps, the noise level does not change much with different compression settings. The "Squish" knob reminds me of the "bias" control of other Squeezers, which changes the character of the compression as much as the amount. Depending on how you set the Squish, there can be more or less of the "dip and swell", and you can control what the note attack sounds like.
Some settings will cause an artifact like a light "pop" with each note attack, and this can also happen with very high-output basses. The Input level control is useful for helping match the pedal to your instrument. Input at max can get you some buzzy overdrive, while at minimum Squish levels this pedal can be used as a nice clean boost.
This comp is good at controlling moderate peaks, adding a tad more sustain, and being effect-y squishy if you like, without altering your tone. It doesn't do crisp precise punch though, pick something else if you want an aggressive attack. The footswitch is "true bypass", and the pedal seems ruggedly-built. The one I reviewed was the older model in a larger Diamond/Barber sized housing; the current model is in the smaller MXR size. Supposedly they are the same inside.

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