Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Electro-Harmonix White Finger: This review is of the old version of this pedal in the very large bent-steel housing. The review is old too, and regrettably short on details, however the basic message is still true and says everything you really need to know. See my later review of the "XO" version to read about what you will get if you buy one new today.
This pedal was a disappointment. On the one hand, the range and quality of compression styles and tones is amazing -from the funkiest squish EVER, to subtle transparency- but the noise level at all settings is ridiculous. They should have named this model the "White Noise". I wanted to love this pedal, the compression is so awesome and full of character, but the noise was just unacceptable. If you're in a loud funk/rock band and can handle the noise though, I think you'd dig it.
I like that even though this thing has more controls and options than most pedal comps, it's actually pretty easy to find good-sounding settings--I didn't have to painstakingly hunt for the right settings the way I did with the Carl Martin.
EHX is notorious for poor quality control; their pedals are brilliant in some ways, but very unreliable--especially these older models in the bent steel boxes. The housing is huge, about the size of a typical hardcover book. The footswitch is "true bypass".

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