Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

Zoom B2: This is a multi-effects floor unit with many features including amp modeling and a drum machine. Among the effects are a compressor and a limiter.
The limiter is OK, it does perform some limiting, and the threshold and ratio controls are very useful for getting into the right range of response. The compressor however is pretty crappy--it seems to be intended to mimic an MXR Dynacomp, with an emphasis on the upper mids and some added sustain... however it fails dismally, especially on the sustain which has a very unnatural decay. In fact almost all of the sounds in this unit have a choppy and artificial sounding decay. It is worst when the noise reduction (ZNR) is engaged, but even with the ZNR off it still sounds gated.
Some of the effects and models are OK sounding, for example I kind of liked the Bassman amp model; but none of the sounds were good enough to make it worth getting this pedal for anything other than a practice tool.
The footswitch is not "true bypass", and the bypass quality is acceptable but not great. You have to stomp two switches simultaneously for bypass. The chrome-looking parts on this unit are actually made of cheap plastic, and the pots have plastic shafts. I've heard the B3 is much better but I haven't tested it.

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