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Last updated Oct 6, 2018

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• Reviews:
3Leaf Audio PWNZOR
Aguilar TLC
Akai Professional
Alesis 3630
Alesis 3632
Alesis Micro Limiter
Alesis NanoCompressor
Alesis Smashup
AMT Bass Packer
Analogman Bi-Comp
   updated review!
Aphex Punch Factory
Aphex 320A "Compellor"
Aphex 651
Aphex 661 "Expressor"
Aphex 720 "Dominator II"
Arion SCO-1
ART Levelar
ART MDM-8L (8-channel limiter)
Ashdown dual-band
Ashly CL 100
Ashly DPX 200 (CLX 52/51)
Ashly SC-50
Audio Arts 1200
Barber Tone Press
   updated review!
Barge Concepts RC-2
BearFoot Pale & Evergreen
BBE MaxCom
BBE Opto Stomp
BBE Orange Squash
   (AKA Main Squeeze)
Behringer BLE100
Behringer DC9
Behringer MDX1600
   "Autocom Pro-XL"
Bellari LA120
Beta Aivin CS-100
Biyang CO-8
BJFE Pine Green
Blackbox Oxygen
Boss BC-1X
Boss CL-50 Pro
Boss CS-1
Boss CS-2
Boss CS-3
Boss GT-6B
Boss LM-2B
Boss LMB-3
Broughton Apex
Budda Chakra
BYOC 5-knob
BYOC Optical
CAD CGM-2 "Champ"
CAE V-Comp
Carl Martin Classic Opto
Carl Martin Comp Limiter
Carvin CG200
Celmo Sardine Can
Chellee Compy
Coldcraft Crimson
Cornish OC-1
Crazy Tube Circuits Phi
  PLEASE read the FAQ.
  BEFORE buying anything!!!

Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer
   ('08 Grafton reissue)
Danelectro Surf & Turf
Daphon E20CM
Daring Audio Phat Beam
Darkglass Supersymmetry
dbx 163X
dbx 160A
dbx 160XT (160X)
dbx 166, 166A, 166XL
Updated 3-way comparison!
dbx 1066
dbx 266XL
an explanation of dbx's
   number/name system
Ddyna Bass^10
Dedalo Gorila NEW VERSION
Dedalo JET
Demeter Compulator
Demeter Compulator PRO
DHA VT-1 bass comp
Diamond CPR-1
Diamond BCP-1
Digitech Bass Squeeze
Dinosaural OTC-201
"Dirty" compressors
   (distortion, fur, grind)
Doc Lloyd Photon
DOD 280 (gray & orange)
DOD FX84 Milk Box
Dr. Green The Aspirin
Dr. J Aerolite
Drawmer MX-30
Durham Sex Drive
Earthquaker The Warden
EBS Billy Sheehan
EBS MultiComp
Effectrode PC-2A
Electro-Harmonix Bass Metaphors
EHX Bass Preacher
EHX Black Finger
EHX Soul Preacher (Nano)
EHX White Finger (old version)
EHX White Finger
   (later "XO" version)
EMMA TransMORGrifier
Empirical EL8-X "Distressor"
Empress Comp
The Engineer's Thumb
Exar BC04
Fairfield The Accountant
FEA Dual-Band Comp-Limiter
Focusrite Bass Factory
Frantone Sandwich
Frantone Sputnik
Fromel Velvet Vice
   Updated for new version!
Fuchs Royal Plush
Furman LC-3
FX Engineering Mirage
G-Lab BC-1
GFS Sweet Sparkle
GLX / Harley Benton CS-100
Golden Age Comp-54
Gurus Optivalve
Guyatone BL2 "Bottom Limiter"
Guyatone SD2
Guyatone ST2
Guyatone TCX "Flip"
Heavy Sonic Oppressor
Henretta Orange Whip
Himmelstrutz Miss Nutcracker
Hotone KOMP
Ibanez BP5
Ibanez CP9 (1980's)
Ibanez Tube King
Ibanez UE 303B
ISP Beta Bass (preamp)
Jacques Fat Burner
JBL/Urei 7110
JHS Lime Aid
Joemeek Floor-Q
Joemeek MC2 (later version)
Joemeek VC6 (the Meekbox)
Keeley Bassist/GC-2
Lightning Boy Opti-Mu Prime
Lightning Boy Op-2
Line6 Bass Pod XT Live
Line6 Constrictor
Line6 M13

Mad Professor Forest Green
Madbean Afterlife
Malekko Comp
Markbass Compressore
Mars Comp King Bass
Marshall ED-1
Maxon CP101
Maxon CP9 Pro+
Maxon RCP660
Menatone J.A.C
Metal Pedals LimCom Plus
Moen Uni-Comp
Mooer Yellow
Morley VCO
MXR DynaComp
MXR M76 Studio Comp
MXR M87 Bass Comp
MXR Limiter (1980, red, AC cord)
MXR Dual Limiter
OKKO Coca Comp
Old World Audio 1960
One Control Lemon Yellow
Orange Squeezer clones
Origin Cali76 Compact
Origin Cali76 TX
OVNIFX Smoothie
Palmer Deepressor
Patton Bearhug
Pedal Doctor Tangerine Squeeze
Phil Jones Bass Buddy
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
Pigtronix PT Germanium Gold
Pigtronix PT Bass & Rock
PreSonus BlueMax
PreSonus Comp16
Providence Bass Boot Comp
Radio Design Labs ST-CL1
Rane DC 24
Red Witch Grace
Retro-Sonic Vintage Vibes
Retrospec Squeeze Box
RMI Basswitch Dual Band
Rocktron Big Crush
Rocktron Blue Thunder
Roland AS-1 Sustainer
Rolls GLC (CL151)
Ross clones
Rothwell Love Squeeze
Sabine NEX-5400
Safe Sound P1
Samson C-Com Opto
Schalltechnik_04 Pumpernickel
Seymour Duncan Double Back
Seymour Duncan Studio Bass
   and Vice Grip
SolidGoldFX Horizon
Sonuus Voluum
Strymon OB-1
Suhr Koji Comp
Summit Audio TLA-50
Symetrix 501
Symetrix CL-150
T.C.Electronic C300
T.C.Electronic HyperGravity
   and Spectracomp
T.C.Electronic Nova Dynamics
T.C.Elec Sustain+Para EQ
   (old original version)
T.C.Elec Sustain+Para EQ
   (later reissue)
T.C.Elec Vintage Comp
T-Rex Comp-Nova
T-Rex Neo Comp
T-Rex Squeezer
Taurus Tux Black
Taurus Tux Silver
Tech 21 Bass Compactor
Tech 21 CompTORTION
Telenordia TK-23 Kompressor
Toadworks Mr. Squishy
Tone Factor Pulp Mill
Trace Elliot SMX
Tube (valve) compressors
Universal Audio 1176LN
Valley People Dyna-Mite
VFE White Horse UPDATE!
Visual Sound Comp 66
Viva Analog Envelope Lock
Vox Snake Charmer
VTP Citrus Squeeze
Walrus Deep Six
Wampler Ego
Whirlwind OC Bass
Wholenote BLM-270
Wholenote E20CM
Wren & Cuff Gold
Xotic AC Comp
Xotic SP
Yamaha Magicstomp
Zoom B2

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